The Department of Surgery at the Scarborough Regional Hospital offers a wide variety of Emergency and Elective Services.

Elective evaluation of surgical problems are addressed at the weekly surgical out patient clinic Thursday mornings. To access this service a physician’s referral letter is required.

Emergencies are screened by the Accident and Emergency department and referred either to clinic or for admission.

Referrals are screened weekly and admitted to the clinic on a routine basis with a 4 – 8 week waiting period. Attempts are made so more urgent cases are screened appropriately.

Patients scheduled for elective Surgery are screened in preoperative assessment clinic Monday afternoons 1 – 2 weeks prior to scheduled surgery. At this visit a complete history and physical exam is performed and anesthetic risk is evaluated. Patients are admitted either the day of surgery or one day prior depending on the Accident and Emergency department and on Medical condition.

Same day admissions must arrive promptly at 7 AM or be cancelled.

All patients for surgery must be starved from midnight prior to surgery.

We encourage our patients to ask questions and attempt to fully inform themselves regarding any intended procedures. The surgical service is striving to provide a high quality of service, which continues to expand in scope.


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