Scarborough General Hospital Courtyard

Our Vision

To be the premier health provider in Trinidad and Tobago, by positively impacting the health status of the society, through a dynamic process, in which a strong focus is on wellness and embraces both domestic and international clientele.

Our Mission

The business of the Tobago Regional Health Authority is to promote and deliver client focused, cost effective, efficient, equitable, holistic and quality health care in a humane and suitable manner, by staff committed to excellence and professionalism.

Our Values

Professionalism | Client-centred | Trust Accountability | Teamwork | Compassion

Our History

The Government of Trinidad & Tobago, spanning the stewardship of three political parties, identified the need to reform the Public Health Services Sector. Following in-depth analysis of the sector, a comprehensive Health Sector Reform Plan was developed and is now being implemented. One of the strategies for the implementation of this plan is the decentralization of the operations of the Ministry of Health, by transforming the responsibility for bodies subject managerial discipline. This led to the creation of “autonomous bodies” known as the Regional Health Authorities with their own management structure, responsible and accountable for the delivery of healthcare.

The Regional Health Authorities Act of 1994 is the Act which created the RHAs as legal entities. The Act was assented to by the President on the 19th December, 1994.

The Tobago RHA is unique, in that it is subject to the Tobago House of Assembly Act. The RHA Act #5 of 1994, Part 11, Section 5.2 states that “In the exercise of its powers and functions, The Board of the Tobago Regional Health Authority is subjected to the provisions of the Tobago House of Assembly Act”. National policies developed at the Ministry of Health are/maybe subject to review at the level of the THA.

Within the Tobago House of Assembly, the Secretary of Health, Wellness and Social Protection has responsibility for the Health Sector. Management of the Community Health Services and the Hospital Services Sector has been delegated to the Tobago RHA.

Powers & Functions

(As outlined in the Regional Health Authorities Act No. 5 of 1994, part 11, Section 6)

To provide efficient systems for delivery of healthcare.

To collaborate with the University of the West Indies and any other recognized training institution of persons, in the educating and training of persons, and in research in medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy and biomedical and health science fields, veterinarian medicine, as well as any related ancillary and supportive fields

To operate, construct, equip, furnish, maintain, manage, secure and repair all its property;

To facilitate new systems of healthcare; To provide the use of healthcare facilities for service, teaching and research;

To establish and develop relationships with national, regional and international bodies engaged in similar or ancillary pursuits;

To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Authority