National Physiotherapy Awareness Month

National Physiotherapy Awareness Month

Get going with us as we kick off celebrating National Physiotherapy Awareness Month in September!

World Physiotherapy Day (8 September), is the start to our Physiotherapy Awareness month, is an opportunity to raise interest and celebrate the crucial contribution physiotherapists make to keeping people well, mobile and independent.

The theme for World PT Day is Arthritis and the role of physiotherapists

The day, September 8, is organised by World Physiotherapy and is celebrated by Physiotherapists globally . This year, continuing World Physiotherapy’s focus on our role in the Prevention, Care and Management of Arthritis, the TRHA Physiotherapy Department aims to shed light on how we support individuals diagnosed with Inflammatory Arthritis as well.

Over this month, the Physiotherapy team at the TRHA will share some creative ways (some you may know and some you may not) that will help you to 

  • prevent and manage your risk and 
  • prevent further dis-ability!

To start off, here are some tips you may not have known