The Medical Records Department is responsible for processing, compilation, storing, procuring, retrieving and making available the health record at all times to the appropriate personnel directly involved in the management of the patient.


Core Functions

1. Code and index morbidity data using the International Classification of Disease using the ICD 10 manual.

2. Release of medical information upon signed authorization from the patient. NB. Consent of patient is not required when a subpoena is served which mandates that records be produced in court.

3. Medical transcription of patient histories, discharge summaries and medical reports.

4. Collection of all revenue for all Hospital services.

5. Provides statistical data for research, evaluation or education purposes to physicans and other health personnel.

6. Maintain the patient health record and making them available to qualified users

7. Collation of information regarding Births and Death at the Scarborough Regional Hospital.

8. Scheduling appointments for patients attending the Out Patient Clinic and Medical. examinations for Government employees.


Medical Reports

The Medical Records Department prepares medical reports for Insurance Companies and other Agencies. Requests are made 7 – 10 days in advance. Payment for each report is made to the Tobago Regional Health Authority. The cost of each report is as follows:

National Insurance Forms$15.00
Casualty Reports$22.50
In Patient Reports$37.50
Consultant Report$75.00

Medical Records

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