The Scarborough Regional Hospital Laboratory provides diagnostic services to the people of Tobago. The Laboratory offers a wide range of testing and continues to add new tests in-house, thereby reducing the numbers and cost of out-sourcing tests. Most of the testing is done on site with some specialized tests being outsourced.

Services Offered
Biochemistry Renal function test, Liver function test, Cardiac enzymes, Lipid profile, Blood sugar level
Endocrinology Hormones, Thyroid function test, PSA, Cancer markers
Hematology Complete Blood Count, ESR, Blood grouping, Sickle cell test
Immunohaematology Antibody screening, Cross-matching
Coagulation PT, INR, PTT, Coagulation factors
Microbiology Urinalysis, Urinary Pregnancy Test, Culture and Sensitivity on various specimen, Sperm analysis
Histology and Cytology Currently outsourced

Blood Donation
Blood is acquired by VOLUNTARY donation. Donors can donate for specific patients warded at hospitals in Trinidad and Tobago. Donors can also donate for themselves, (AUTOLOGOUS DONATION) ahead of a scheduled surgery.

Donors must be between the ages of 18-60yrs and can donate according to the following schedule:

Males: Once every 3 months

Once every 4 months

Clients (all parties), must pay the fees, and obtain an appointment at least on week before seeing the doctor.

COST: $200 - For two adults and one child; $10 Extra for each additional child.

Monday to Friday
8.00 AM to 3.00 PM
(except on Public Holidays)