Stroke & Diabetes Centre Poised to Provide Enhanced Rehabilitation Services

Stroke & Diabetes Centre Poised to Provide Enhanced Rehabilitation Services

(Scarborough, Tobago – February 18th , 2019): An entire rehabilitation team, including a Physiatrist – a brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation physician, a Physical Therapist, a Speech and Language Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist, is now on hand at the Stroke & Diabetes Centre to provide rehabilitation services to the Tobago population. The Centre, located at Fort King George, Scarborough, was launched in August 2018 to treat patients who have suffered strokes, neurological disorders, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Dr. Gerard M. Antoine, Medical Director and Physiatrist at the Centre, is excited that a full-service Centre for treating this category of patients is available in Tobago.

I returned home in October 2016, one day after retiring from the United States Army where I served for 31 years, because I wanted to be able to apply my skills, training and experience to care for my fellow citizens. By February 2017, I set up the Stroke & Diabetes Centre in Trinidad and I’m elated that through the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development and the Tobago Regional Health Authority, we are able to extend this service to Tobago.

Rehabilitation services are available every Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and are absolutely free of charge. Appointments can be made directly through a Primary Care Physician at any of the TRHA’s Health Facilities or from a Doctor at the Outpatient Clinic of the Scarborough General Hospital. An appointment can be obtained by calling 631-1334, Mondays through Fridays, or in person on Wednesdays at the Centre. Walk-ins are also welcome. 

The Stroke & Diabetes Centres in Trinidad and Tobago are the only comprehensive, multidisciplinary Physician-led outpatient medical rehabilitation facilities that care for brain and spinal cord injury patients to include strokes in Trinidad & Tobago.