Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy is the art and science of restoring, maintaining and improving movement and function and therefore positively affecting the quality of life in the clients we treat.

Physical Therapists/Physiotherapists work with clients in all populations (from newborn to elderly) whose movement and function is threatened by the process of aging, injury, or illness. We work with conditions that affect the Cardiorespiratory system (heart and lungs), Integumentary system (skin ), Musculoskeletal system (bone, muscles, tendons, ligaments) and Neurological system (brain, spinal cord and nerves). We also work in the areas of Injury prevention and Health promotion.

In keeping with international standards of care, our clinicians aim to provide an evidence- based, client centered and timely program for our clients within a holistic environment to both inpatients and outpatients

After an assessment and physical therapy diagnosis, your physiotherapist will customize a treatment program for you. They may prescribe any or all of the following in order to retrain movement or restore your function:

– Therapeutic exercises (land &/water)

– Modalities such as ice, heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation,LASER, biofeedback

– Mobilisations/manipulations

– Cervical or lumbar traction/spinal decompression

As we work as part of a team to ensure your best step “forward to wellness”, referrals to additional rehabilitative services may be discussed with you e.g. Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Speech and Language Therapy

Inpatient Care Services are provided at the Scarborough General Hospital. These services include chest care, post op therapeutic exercises, splinting and prescription of mobility aids. This is to aid in the client’s return to home. A short term follow on outpatient service is provided post discharge for mainly neurological clients at this facility as well.

We also provide custom splinting, balance retraining, prescription of and training in the use of mobility devices (crutches, walking frames, wheelchairs, canes) and quick screening of clients from Accident and emergency.

Outpatient Care Services are available at the Scarborough Health Centre. Outpatients are accommodated by appointment. The following outlines how to make an appointment:

1. Get a written referral from a registered medical professional within the Public system.

2. Come in and make an appointment. Once you have your referral letter you can make an appointment for physiotherapy by visiting the Physical Therapy Department at the Scarborough Health Centre

3. Come for your appointment time. Appointments are given so that no one will have too long a wait. Call the Physiotherapy Department if you are running late or need to reschedule your appointment.


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