Clinics are managed by appointments to maintain the quality of services we provide to you. You can expected to be cared for by persons registered, enrolled or listed by regulatory bodies. When you are referred to the Outpatient Clinic, Scarborough General Hospital, bring your referral document and we will be happy to register you for our services.

Clinical services for which patients can be registered for at our outpatient clinics include:

– Asthma (Adults)

– Child Development

– Dermatology (Skin)

– Gynae/Obstetrics (Female Health/midwifery)

– Haematology (Blood disorders)

– Medical

– Medical Examination for Public Officers

– Neurology (Brain)

– Ophthalmology (Eyes)

– Orthopaedic (Bones)

– Paediatrics (Children)

– Renal (Kidney)

– Rheumatology (Joints and Muscle)

– Surgical (Adults and children)

– Surgery Pre-assessment (Adults and Children)

– Urology (Prostate)



1. You are expected to provide a form of identification e.g. National Identification Card, Drivers Permit, Passport or Electronic Birth Certificate (for children).

2. As a new patient to the Outpatient Clinics, you are required to provide a referral document.

3. As a patient from the Ward, you are required to provide your clinic card.

4. Once you are called to the registration desk, you will be registered within ten (10) minutes.



1. If you are a new patient, you will receive a date for your clinic appointment within fifteen (15) minutes.

2. If you are an existing patient, you will receive a date for your next clinic appointment within five-ten minutes after seeing the Doctor/Nurse.

3. We shall respond to appointment letters within 7 working days of receipt.

4. You will be informed via phone or local media of any cancellations or changes of clinic dates or times at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

5. You are asked to be on time for all appointments and notify us if you are unable to attend.


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